20th international spring tournament

With joy we can announce you that we have already started to organize our 20th Ko Jika International spring tournament kendo for juniors.

This anniversary edition will have a special touch, so we will spread it over two days.

On saturday, June 2, 2012, the individual competitions take place and on Sunday, June 3, 2012 the team competitions.

Starting time: 10 o’clock exact
Entree fee: free !!

For the individual competition, we have 7 categories.

3 categories without bogu (technic)

  • 5 until 9 years
  • 10 until 13 years
  • 14 until 18 years

4 categories with bogu (shiai)

  • 5 until 9 years
  • 10 until 12 years
  • 13 until 15 years
  • 16 until 18 years

We work with a pool system and each category will award a first, second and 2 third places, also 1 fighting spirit per category will be awarded.

For the team competition we will use a new composition for once:

  • senpo: 10 – 12 years category E
  • jiho: 10 – 12 years or 13-15 years category E-F
  • chuken: 13 – 15 years or 16-18 years category F-G
  • fukusho: 13 – 15 years or 16-18 years category F-G
  • taisho: teacher or coach, someone the kids look up to, 25 years or older.

We found a nearby gym where we can stay overnight on friday and saturday for free. One hundred field beds will be available, so you only need to bring a sleepingbag.

For those who would like to stay in a hotel, let us know we will send you a few possibilities.
You are allowed to bring your own food, but for a small price we can supply your meals, please order these meals beforehand.

  • Breakfast 3€
  • Lunch 3€ vegetarian meals are available
  • Dinner 8€ adults 5€ children

On Saturday evening we have a real party at the cafetaria of the Gym, at the party it is not allowed to bring your own food. All drinks costs 1,5 €.

Are you interested to take part in this tournament or would you like more information? Please contact us at kojika@abkf.be

We hope that you will enjoy the tournament.

Best regards from all members of Ko Jika Kendo Club.

Attention: closing date is 2nd May 2012
If you have not received our registration form by mail feel free to contact us.

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